A safe web app firewall program

We offer an instant method of shielding every single web application in your cloud web hosting account, irrespective of whether it is freshly installed or has been imported from a different web hosting provider. All our shared hosting plans include ModSecurity – a web app firewall program, which is enabled by default. We’ve configured it to automatically hinder the majority of hacker assaults. This means that once you host your website with us, it will be safer than before.

Solid–State Drives

SSD–based cloud web hosting servers

All our shared hosting machines are furnished with solid–state disks rather than classic hard disks. SSDs boast faster read & write speeds, which implies that your website will open much quicker. No additional site modifications are required.

With the excellent Internet connectivity possibilities provided by each of our cloud hosting Datacenters, your site will start to open considerably faster the minute you host it with us.

VPN Access

Secure, private website browsing

If you wish to stay absolutely anonymous while exploring the Internet, we offer you a simple solution. With all our shared hosting packages, you will be able to gain Virtual Private Network access. We’ll forward your entire incoming and outgoing web site traffic through one of our VPN data centers, making your digital footmark untraceable. And you’ll obtain VPN access irrespective of what web–connected device you use.

Service Scalability

A cloud web hosting service that can measure up to your demands

Our shared hosting platform is fully scalable, which suggests that you can reap the benefits of its hosting resources even if the hosting server is under stress or maintenance. Considering that all crucial services are handled by a couple of hosting servers instead of just a single one, you’ll also enjoy light speed web site load speeds and a guaranteed performance stability. Also, you can further improve your plan with additional disk drive storage space, monthly traffic, MySQL database space, CPU time, etcetera. quotas, or even move to a more powerful web hosting package at any time.

Multiple Data Centers

Shared hosting packages on 3 continents

Our shared hosting network spreads across 3 continents – America (the Steadfast datacenter facility in Chicago, US), Europe (the Pulsant data center facility in Maidenhead, United Kingdom, the Ficolo underground data center in Pori, Finland and the Telepoint data center in Sofia, Bulgaria) and Australia (the Amaze datacenter facility in Sydney). As a result of this, irrespective of where you are actually located, you will be able to pick a data center facility that’s closest to your target visitors. This way, you’ll ensure the most quick conceivable website loading speeds for them. You are able to choose your datacenter anytime with just a click on the signup page.

Scripting Support

Full scripting support with all our packages

All our shared hosting packages offer scripting support. You can use any PHP or Python–based web app and also make use of over 3400 Perl modules supported by each of our Linux–powered physical servers. Besides, you will be able to work with MySQL and even PgSQL databases and utilize the InnoDB storage engine included with every web hosting package. ImageMagick, Zend Optimizer, GD Library and SSI are all supported as well.

Free Templates

More than 100 cost–free blog/CMS themes to pick out from

Within the web hosting Control Panel you can find a selection of totally free web layouts for your Wordpress online journal or Joomla web site. Just search through the site themes, choose the one that you prefer and after that download it on your personal computer with one mouse click. If you use the single–click 1 Click App Installer tool to set up WordPress or Joomla, you will notice the themes listed in the final step of the installation process.

Email Manager

An all–in–one email administration tool

The Email Manager built into the Website Control Panel has an easy–to–use GUI with numerous e–mail controls. You’ll be able to redirect mail messages to another email box account, create custom e–mail filters, change the levels of anti–spam protection, set up custom auto–reply messages, anti–spoofing protect your domain, create electronic mailing lists, and so on. Step–by–step e–mail management video tutorials are included too.

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