The administration of all hosting-related factors is performed via a software tool called ‘Control Panel’. There are numerous brand names which provide more or less capabilities, but in general, they all allow you to manage site files, to create e-mail addresses and databases, to check out account usage stats or how much traffic your website visitors have generated. You can perform these actions via buttons and menus, and you'll feel like you’re managing your own computer or laptop. The billing part is normally handled via a different system, which could include domain registrations too - if the company offers this type of services. Occasionally, trouble tickets could be opened throughexactly the same system, while in others, this can be done via a different support interface, so you might end up using three user interfaces with a single website hosting account.
Multilingual Control Panel in Shared Hosting
The Hepsia Control Panel, which comes with our Linux shared hosting, is not third-party software. It was developed by our knowledgeable developers based on user feedback and the result is an all-in-one software tool, which will allow you to control files and email messages, to renew payments, to register domains and to open trouble tickets from a single place, so you can forget about using different systems to do something as simple as acquiring a new domain and hosting it. We have also made thorough educational videos, that will show you first-hand how to carry out various things in case you haven't used a website hosting account before. A lot of functions are accessible via right-click menus and since Hepsia is quite intuitive to use, handling your account shall be as basic as administrating content on your desktop computer. A number of themes are available and you can easily select a preferred language choosing among Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian and others. What's more, you can even move the different sections around and set them up in accordance with your taste.
Multilingual Control Panel in Semi-dedicated Hosting
We offer a multilingual, all-in-one Control Panel that will enable you to handle everything from a single spot, eradicating the need of using different systems. It'snamed Hepsia and it was designed by our developers after taking into consideration all the feedback that we had received from our customers. Consequently, if you create a semi-dedicated server account with us, you shall get an efficient, albeit easy-to-use software tool with which you can control not just your web hosting space, but also domain name registrations, hosting upgrades, plan renewals and support tickets without leaving your account. Practical right-click menus will make you feel as if you’re using your home PC, while thorough training videos will show you first-hand all of the options that you can use. Hepsia supports more than 15 languages - Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Chinese, to mention just a few, and many others are on the way. You can also change the color scheme with a click or rearrange the sections on the homepage and make it look just how you like.